How Designers and Copywriters Can Collaborate

Why Designers and Copywriters Should Collaborate

If you've been surfing the digital world for some time you will have no doubt heard the phrase "content is king". Web best practises change regularly. Each new year a different method or element takes the spotlight and shifts how businesses function in the digital space. However, content still remains as one of the most important elements and will do so unless something drastic changes.

Is there a go-to template for all your online content needs?

Simply put. No.

Content remains a strong element as there is no one size fits all. Businesses and brands have to work hard to create high quality, valuable content that is fit for purpose. Blog posts have become a core part of information gathering. Brands can use these as lead generators; gaining authority in their respective fields by answering all of your questions.

A one-way marketing approach seldom works. Using all the resources at your disposal is critical to gaining the most from the content you create.

Copywriters and designers are the core of online content. Being strong in only one area is no longer enough. This is the case for anything from corporate business to freelancing.

But why should they work together? What are the benefits?

Our Brains Prefer Text-Visual Content

37% of marketers have said that visual marketing was their most important form of marketing, second to blogging. Blogging provides relevant and valuable information to your audience. It also provides an avenue for you to accurately detail your knowledge, product/service and allows prospects to see who you are in an engaging way.

Why do we prefer visual content? Well, as human beings we process visual content 60,000 times faster than text alone. This is the primary reason why infographics are effective at conveying information.

Brain Rules also adds that when we hear a piece of information, we will recall 10% of it three days later. Add an image and we'll recall 65% of it. This further explains why we are able to remember what something looked like opposed to what was written with it.

Visual Content Statistics

Collaboration offers greater value

Attention is the most sought-after currency online. The ability to grab and retain your viewer's attention is critical to converting. The only way to extend this is to provide engaging, compelling content.

How do you do this? Create articles that grip the reader with strong written content complemented by engaging, high-value visuals. Jeff Bullas emphasises that articles with relevant images have 94% more total views than articles without any images. If blogging is one of your main marketing avenues, then this is crucial information to remember.

This is also the case outside of blogging. Having relevant, engaging images on your website further goes towards converting prospects. Jeff Bullas also found that 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is important in selecting and purchasing a product.

This does not undermine the need for well-written content which serves a purpose for SEO and page structure. It's also important for brand professionalism. Poorly written content with multiple mistakes will convey an unprofessional image.


Writing and design tailor to two different aspects of SEO. Design targets our creative thinking and visual recognition whereas copy writing targets our logical side. There are many different elements of SEO that can have an impact on how your site is viewed and ranked.

Design and written text must work together to boost the SEO potential of the page. The user will need to be enticed to click on the meta title, engaged with through the header image and retained by interesting content. Written communication should be broken up and split using more engaging images that are relevant to what is being said. Pages that do not incorporate their counterparts will not reach their full potential.

It's also important to note that following the Google images change, Images no longer enlarge, but redirect to the web page instead. If you have an abundance of amazing, organic images, you can increase your chance of obtaining traffic from this source.

Assisting One another

Copywriters and Designers both face one common constraint: deadlines. As a writer, you might be constantly looking to have your written communication portrayed as a stylish, engaging infographic. Likewise, as a designer, you could be looking for the right article to have your infographic showcased.

Collaboration can alleviate the difficulty and time-consuming restraints that these dilemmas raise. This can also go further to creating long-lasting partnerships between both parties. Designers and Copywriters are experts in their craft. This Collaboration can enhance efficiency and create a better final product.

Working within a dedicated team can also have its advantages. Regardless of skill, sometimes you run into a wall. Copywriters might not know the best way to convey the information for a particular topic. Similarly, designers may not know what information to include. This is where each other can reduce the burden of their partner by pitching in with additional input and proposing a change of pace. Sometimes, this is what is needed to create a masterpiece.

Designer and Copywriter Collaboration

Following that same note...

New ideas

Designers and copywriters are always looking for original, innovative ideas. The creative sector can take its toll even on the best of us and finding that innovative idea can be difficult. Experience has shown that more ideas emerge when people within this sector work together.

Businesses from around the globe seek partnerships to create innovative and creative campaigns. Having someone outside of your specialised area analyse your work or topic can provide a completely different outlook.

Designers and copywriters should find avenues to work together. This doesn't just apply to these specialists. If you are working within a team, look for opportunities to work with another member in a different department. Sometimes, a fresh look can help create the perfect piece of work. 

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