Like many companies and individuals, we are very aware of our impact on the World. We have always striven to be paperless as much as possible and to be conscious of things like of keeping usage of electricity to a minimum.  In light of the evidence highlighted by Sir David Attenborough and many others in the last few months, we have decided to take some more moves to lessen any impact of operating and running our business on climate change. 

Of our staff, more than half of them have always historically worked from home for up some of their time. This has always been to enable our people to have as much flexibility as possible in their work life.  After Christmas of 2018 we took the decision to expand this work method to everyone.

We relocated our office from Victoria Street in Derby to The Oberoi Business Centre on Pride Park. We use these offices for both internal and external meetings, but for pretty much most of the time, all of our staff work from their own homes. 

Making this change was only possible by having the right collaboration and communication tools in place. It was critical to us that this decision would have no change in either customer service levels or staff interaction, which is so important in a creative and technical business. 

We use the Horizon  VOIP telephone system which gives us total flexibility to manage incoming calls through both our physical phones and mobiles just as if we were all sat next to each other in the same office. The first few rings when anyone calls our office will go to our admin / customer service team and then if unanswered will trigger second line staff's phones to ring. 

The same system has full video conferencing function, so we talk to each other about what we got up to at the weekend or how to overcome a technical problem every day. 

Our estimation is that we are collectively saving around 60,000 miles of commuting with this move each year. This roughly calculates to 16.5 tonnes of carbon. 

Of course, we are still a people to people company. We have fabulous meeting facilities on Pride Park and still meet all of our new clients face to face to initially get to know each other. Wherever possible we ask our clients to get on board with having as many meetings as possible using video conferencing to save their time and reduce our collective carbon footprint, but will travel to their office or host where the client requests or when the situation justifies it

We are doing our bit and will continue to strive to find any way we can to ensure we continue to run our business in the ethical and environmentally friendly way but still give the very best service possible to our customers.

As a by-product of this move, we have had feedback from all staff that they have better work lives now and really enjoy the ability the flexibility that comes with remote working.

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