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What is yourSmart.website

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For the new start or business looking for a professionally built website on a budget, Devmac uses a powerful software process to get you up and running quickly and for less than £200. This system is under Devmac's own brand of yourSmart.website

Whilst Devmac offers a fully bespoke design and development system, if your needs and budget do not match this requirement, then yourSmartwebsite may be the way to get you online.

yourSmartwebsite is like having  professional web designer build your DIY website for you. No worrying about the technology, trying to learn creative design skills or even find the time to do it.

The same web designer that may build a Devmac £3000 website will be building your yourSmartwebsite.

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How do we make it so cheap?

There are several reasons why the cost is so low:

Technology: we can utilise the very latest build technology to reduce the amount of hand coding

Templates: there are hundreds of pre-built templates to help us to get the site up and running quickly. Each template is completely customisable using thousands of pre-designed drop-in sections as well as a content management system that allows changes to everything from text, images, colours, icons, images and positioning.

In most cases, our design team will handle the whole build. No need for expensive web developers to have to write code or to create structure and data bases.

Ongoing support: we are interested in you and your business. We are there in the background when you need us as part of the package.


Why not organise a chat with one of our web design experts to discuss your options for getting online.

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