Website Recovery

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It can happen to the biggest websites and it may happen to you. Your website stops showing to the world and you don’t know why. 

At Devmac we prioritise website access problems when they are reported to us. We have an online support ticket system to allow any customer to request changes to their website, but if there is a critical problem you just pick up the phone for a more immediate response.

Our first step is diagnosing the problem. We need to see if it relates to the domain name, hosting or a result of a malicious attack. Sometimes the site is still up and running but it may have been attacked and is showing injected (often malicious) content on its pages.

Where necessary, we work with our clients to advise when the problem relates to a hosting or server provider. In this case, you should communicate with the hosting company. However, you may not fully understand the problem, questions to ask or what to tell them. We may then be able to talk directly to them as your nominated technical partner.

Our strapline is ‘there when you need us’ and when your website is down you will need us.