Uploading Images to Your Website

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Depending on the platform your website has been built on, uploading an image may be very easy or not. If the content management system has been specifically designed to have place-specific image placement, then it should be straightforward. Often, even if you have a content management system, for example, WordPress, placing an image within an area of text can be difficult to do whilst maintaining the integrity of the design. Placing an image in a specific position, ensuring there is the correct amount of padding around the text and that the image is the correct size on all browsers and mobiles can be very difficult.

The Devmac web developers will edit the code to give your images and site content the look that it would have if the site was brand new. 

You can simply use our online support system to upload the images(s) and tell us where the image should be placed and we do the rest for you. The vast majority of updates submitted to us in this way of completed within 1 working day. No more compromising the look of your website due to a lack of technical knowledge on how to update its visuals