Photo cropping and resizing for your website

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What do you do when the photo you want to have on your website is 2:3 in proportion, but you need to be 1:1 or 5:2? The answer is that you have to crop the image. Not cropping it will (depending upon the platform of your website) either display in the original shape and push other content out of line or use a preconfigured crop to make it fit. The preconfigured crop will not take into account the focus of the image and what needs to be displayed.

Our developers and designers will take your original image and then contextually crop it so it's the right shape for the placeholder on your website. 

Cropping isn’t the only important element concerning images on your website. One of the biggest factors in a slow website load speed is the files size of images that have been uploaded. Once an image has been uploaded to a page, the visitor essentially has to download the content in order to view it. The bigger the image file size (not height, and width), the longer it will take to load. Google uses site speed as a major factor in determining the ranking position of a website.

If the images on your website have large file sizes, the team at Devmac can help reduce these by using specific software, resizing and then re-uploading them to your website. This can influence a higher ranking position and equally important; retain visitors who may leave if the page loads too slowly.