Email Setup and Support

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Depending on how your email service is set up, Devmac can be your go-to support service for company emails.

Small company emails are often run through the same hosting service as the website. Setting up emails can be a difficult process if you do not know how to do it. First, you need to set up the email addresses on the server and then choose from a myriad of options relating to DNS, A records and MX records. Once this is all done, you then need to set up your local device to access these email addresses. 

We have staff on hand who deal with email set up every day. They give technical assistance to set everything up for you on the server side and then via email or telephone support help you access your emails on your devices. We can do screen sharing so we can guide you through everything to get it done quickly and correctly. 

Next time you have a new starter and need their emails address set up, Devmac support is there to help.

When you have someone leave the company and need re-directs on email, or accounts disabling it just takes one phone call or an entry in the online support ticket system.