Content Changes

content line

Change of content to a website is the most widely service accessed from the Devmac Update system. 

Many websites, but by no means all, have a Content Management System (CMS) behind them which allows simple content updates by the website owner. There are many occasions, however, when the website owner will need help with adding, removing or editing content.

Not everyone is comfortable with using a CMS system. There is always the worry that you may break the website or upload content that does not display as well as it would have if a web designer had done it.

CMS systems allow for basic content changes. Sometimes, something as simple as adding an image into a content area can be difficult to manage and could require a developer to quickly edit the code, this ensures the image sits in the right place with padding around it and that it doesn’t move other content unintentionally.

Often the changes that need to be made cannot be done in a CMS system. A good example would be a restaurant menu that needs to be laid out in a table. That needs someone with knowledge and skill of web coding.

If you do not have a CMS system at all, it is highly likely that you will need a web developer to help you make changes to your website.

The low monthly fee to have Devmac there when you need them can be used to help keep your website up to date and still looking fresh because the content changes have been done by a professional web designer.