Changing colours and fonts on your website

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Changing the colour mix of a website’s design is often expected to be the simplest job. In many cases, this is more difficult than originally thought. How each element of the website has been put together varies from site to site and developer to developer. 

A common reason for colour and font alterations is when an organisations brand guidelines have changed. This change can then be accommodated without the need for a complete rebuild.

Part of the service on hand from Devmac is the ability to have access to a professional web developer. They know what they are doing when working on your website, making colour and font changes if you have re-branded.

One critical element to be aware of if you are changing fonts is that the spacing and character size of each font can be very different. Increasing font sizes on many web pages can force the web page to look visually broken as it pushes other content like images, graphics and video out of their original alignment.