Adding New Pages to Your Website

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Every website should grow with your business. New products, services or news items may need the addition of new pages to your company site. 

Your website may be built on a Content Management System (CMS) which allows for the addition of new pages. You may be able to do this yourself, but what happens when it breaks the navigation system because there is not enough room for the new page title? What if the standard blank CMS page doesn’t accommodate your content and you need a specific layout?

This is where the Devmac website support system gives you the ability to grow your business website without any technical knowledge or an expensive in-house web developer.

Devmac support customers simply log into our online support ticket system and let us know what work they need doing and we complete it for them. You have access to our designers and developers, so if you need the page designing before we build it, we do it for you.

Most content updates are done within one working day so adding a new page to your website with content laid out by a professional designer / developer doesn’t mean having to wait and wait. It is done quickly and we are here when you need us.