This is a very rare opportunity to make huge savings on custom bespoke web design and development for your company website.

On average the savings are around £1000 depending upon the size and nature of the website.

Ecommerce websites could have savings as big as £2500!

Availability is limited to 4 websites

To get a fixed cost proposal, call 01332 477575. If you approve the proposal, you just need to confirm the order before June the 8th, but this offer is strictly first come first serve.

Are Devmac a discount provider?

Devmac are not a discount website  provider. We employ some of the most talented designers and developers and that carries a cost and gives our customers the very best end product. Our service is consultative and every project we work on for our clients is fully custom designed around the needs of their business objectives and client demographics. 

So why are we doing this now?

The answer is simple - this month we had a very large project that has come to a halt because the customer has gone into liquidation. Filling this gap may mean the customer gets a heavily discounted website, but we cut no corners. The client still gets the same level of detail and fully managed approach to the whole project.

Call 01332 477575 or complete this form now to find out how much you could save

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