Devmac Web Development

How We Work

For both presentation and ecommerce websites, we have a number of stages we go though with our clients to ensure the smoothest process to getting the website designed, and built.  Development projects may not follow the same stages in the same order, but a similar approach to diligence, planning and communication is adopted.


Initial Consultation

This is free of charge, takes as long as is necessary and is has no ties or commitment. During the consultation we look at the client’s current position, what he or she wants to achieve from their internet presence, advise on search engine processes, how to look at the build and SEO as an integrated process, advise on the platform, best practice on copy writing and content as well look at design ideas.


Planning meeting

After the client has made the decision that we are the right company to work with, we have a face to face planning meeting which normally takes 2 – 3 hours.  All aspects of the website content and design are discussed in detail to ensure there is no ambiguity about what the client’s requirements are and how we will approach the web site design and build process. A major part of this is us understanding the client’s clients as these are the people who the website needs to appeal to and function for.


Bespoke Design

Our design department get to work on the concept of the website. The designer will take all the planning meeting notes to put together the first draft of the website design. This process is all done in design software and is not part of the back end build of the site. Once delivered to the client the design is subject to as much as little change as required until it is exactly right for the client.


Content Management System Build

Once the design is signed off, it is passed to our web developers who will make it into a fully functioning website.  For eCommerce websites we use a number of back end platforms including Magento, OScommerce and Silvercart depending upon the client requirements. For presentation websites, we have built with all the most well known platforms, but generally use Silverstripe CMS. Silverstripe is a very powerful developer’s platform which gives real flexibility to the site in terms of content management with compromising design.


Site training and population

Full training is given on how to use the content management system and depending upon the terms of the agreement, either we or the client will then add all the content to the site. Ongoing telephone and face to face support is given to ensure that the site functions well for SEO as well as looking great.


Testing and making live

The site will be tested in the most up to date versions of the most popular browsers, email processes set up and quality checked before making live. We handle all the technical aspects of either helping you to get the site on your server, or making it work on our server.