If you have arranged a meeting at our office, you will first need to locate it. There are multiple car parks situated around Derby city centre. 

Below we have listed 4 car parks within close proximity to our office and have provided directions (courtesy of Google) on how to get to our office. You can click on the images to be redirected to the Google Maps page. 

1. NCP Car Park Derby St Peters Quarter, Laurie House, Colyear St, Derby DE1 1LA

st peters quarter

The NCP Car park is the closest available car park in relation to our office. Price for parking is as follows:

1 hour - £2.50

1 - 2 hours - £3.50

2 - 3 hours - £4.00

3 - 24 hours - £5.00

You can read about this car park in more depth here: NCP Car Park 


  1. Walk north on Colyear St Towards Becket Well Ln
  2. Turn left onto Becket Well Ln
  3. Turn right onto 68/Victoria St/Route 54
  4. Devmac is located on your left

2. Parksafe Systems Ltd, Bold Ln, Derby DE1 3NT

Parksafe Car Park

Parksafe Systems is a short 5 minute walk away and is one of, if not, the most secure car parks in the area. Parking prices are as follows:

0 - 2 hours - £3.10

2 - 4 hours - £4.90

4 - 5 hours - £5.90

Over 5 hours - £10.10

You can read about this car park in more depth here: ParkSafe Systems


  1. Walk South-east on Bold Ln Towards Sadler Gate/Sadler Gate Bridge
  2. Continue Straight onto Sadler Gate/Sadler Gate Bridge
  3. Continue onto The Strand
  4. Continue onto 68/Victoria St/Route 54
  5. Devmac is located on your left

3. Intu basement parking, Derby DE1 2NF

Derby Intu Parking

Intu's basement parking is located directly underneath the Intu Center. Intu has created a helpful illustration that can aid you in locating their many entrances. You can view that by clicking here: Intu Parking Guide

Their parking prices are as follows: 

Up to 2 hours - £3.10

Up to 3 hours - £4.20

Up to 4 hours - £5.00

Up to 5 hours - £5.80

Up to 8 hours - £8.90

You can read about this car park in more depth here: Intu Car Park


  1. Walk south-east
  2. Turn left towards Traffic St/A601
  3. Turn left onto Traffic St/A601
  4. Turn left onto Morledge
  5. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto 68/Albert St/Route 54
  6. Turn Left
  7. Proceed past the second set of traffic lights
  8. Devmac will be on your right

4. Siddals Road Car Park, Siddals Rd, Derby DE1 2QD

siddals Road car park2

Siddals car park is located just outside of Intu's main entrance and is an open car park. Their parking prices are as follows:

1 hour - £2.50

1 - 2 hours - £3.50

2 - 3 hours - £4.00

3 - 24 hours - £5.00

You can read about this car park in more depth here: Siddals Road car park


  1. Walk north-west on Siddals Rd towards the Cock Pitt/A601
  2. Continue onto the Morledge
  3. Turn left onto Thorntree Ln
  4. Turn right onto St Peters St
  5. Turn left onto 68/Victoria St/Route 54
  6. Devmac is located on your right

On Street Directions

Devmac Office 1
Once you arrive on Victoria St, you will need to make your way towards the middle of the street. Our office (Orange) is located opposite Savers (Green). You will need to select option 2 on the intercom to be put through to our admin team. 

If you are having trouble locating our office, you can always contact us on 01332 477575 and speak to a member of our team. If you can provide an accurate visual description, we can come out and find you.

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