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  • How to Obtain a Google Map API Key

    Embedded maps are often used on the contact us page to show the customer exactly where you are. Not only is this helpful for them to see your location visually, but it also builds credibility and security knowing that you are located in a physical building. This can be the tipping point for the customer to trust you and go ahead with contacting your business. 

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  • How to Obtain reCAPTCHA Keys

    If you have contact forms on your website, it is likely that they are secured via the 'I am not a robot' reCAPTCHA. This method enables additional protection against robot spam and misuse of your contact forms. 

    If your reCAPTCHA is out of date, you will see the following message...

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  • IMAP or POP - Which is Better For You?

    IMAP allows you to access your emails on multiple devices but takes up more server space. POP only shows the email on the first device that has downloaded it; as a result, mailboxes will fill slower.

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  • Need help with your 1&1 emails?

    When you are setting up your 1&1 emails, you have the decision as to whether you set them up and IMAP or POP. Your decision will determine whether you enter "imap.1and1" or "pop.1and1" when setting up your incoming email server. This decision greatly impacts how you receive your emails and the space they take on the server. 

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  • How to Use Our Update System

    Our update system plays a crucial role for both us and our clients. The system allows you to put work directly into our workflow which follows a first come first served process. This is powerful as it elevates the need for direct communication in order for the work to be started.

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